Kassam  rockets
Kassam rocketsIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Arab terrorists attacked southern Israel with a Kassam rocket early Tuesday and attacked Jews in the Hevron area with two firebombs overnight as “Nakba Day” began. No one was injured.

The rocket, fired from northern Gaza, exploded in an open area near Sderot, and the firebombs were hurled at IDF soldiers stationed at the village of El-Aroub, located less than one mile south of the Gush Etzion junction on Highway 60 leading to Kiryat Arba-Hevron.

The attacks coincided with the beginning of what Arabs call Nakba Day, or the day of catastrophe, referring to the English date of May 15 when the State of Israel was re-established with a declaration of independence in 1948.

Security services are expecting the worst and hoping for the best on Tuesday. Along the northern border, the military said it will not allow a repeat of last year’s Syrian infiltration into the Golan Heights.

Soldiers also have been deployed along the Egyptian and Lebanese borders to prevent disturbances.

The government may have prevented some violence on Tuesday by signing an agreement with Palestinian Authority prisoners to end their hunger strike, which has been gaining international sympathy.

The agreement was seen by Israel as another concession to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who has demanded that Israel release all terrorists and security prisoners.