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The phenomenon of carjacking attempts targeting female Jewish drivers in Samaria continued apace this week.

David Romam, a resident of Elon Moreh, told Arutz Sheva that his daughter on Sunday evening found herself in what they believe was one such attempt.

The incident occurred at around ten on Sunday evening as his daughter drove from Maale Shomron to Elon Moreh.

After passing the junction near Karnei Shomron, she saw a warning triangle and lights on the road where - at some distance - a supposedly disabled vehicle on the shoulder.

Romam’s daughter saw a bearded man motioning for help next to a vehicle with Israeli license plates.

She slowed and shifted into neutral, but then saw three Arab men get out of the car to approach. She then noticed the bearded man wore no skullcap, as religious Jewish men do, reinforcing her sense of alarm.

Frightned, she accelerated away and drove quickly to Elon Moreh, where her father contacted the police and IDF.

He said, while security forces did deploy to look for the men, that they did not seem to take it seriously since his daughter's vehicle was not stolen.

Roman said this is disturbing since, with the political tensions in the region, such incidents could easily escalate to kidnapping or worse.

In at least one previous incident a Jewish woman was dragged from her car and left alone on the roadside in the middle of the night.

He advised others to lock their vehicle doors to make such attempts more difficult, and to gird themselves and be extra vigilant when driving in Yesha.

Several months ago Israeli police mounted a sting operation that resulted in one gang of carjackers being caught, but the phenomenon has grown worse since then.

Potentially lethal rock attacks, in which cinder-blocks, large stones, and bricks are hurled at Jewish drivers by Arabs on the roadside have  become a daily occurance in the region, as well.