Judea highway
Judea highwayIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Palestinian Authority Arab gangs continue to make frequent efforts to steal Israelis’ cars, often in violent attacks. An attempted robbery was reported Thursday night in the western Binyamin region.

Several PA Arabs worked together to trap multiple Israeli drivers. PA criminals in one car circled around the intended victims, while another car drove up behind.

The two cars then slowed down and began ramming their horns and flashing their lights, attempting to force the Israeli drivers to a stop. Fortunately, the drivers were able to speed around the front car and escape.

A similar incident was reported Tuesday. A woman from the town of Neria in western Binyamin was suddenly blocked in by PA cars as she made her way toward home.

As several PA men exited the cars and began trying to break into her locked vehicle, the woman suddenly hit the gas, hitting the PA cars and creating an escape route. She managed to get home unhurt.

The IDF plans to up its presence along Binyamin-region highways during nighttime hours.

On Wednesday police arrested a 25-year-old PA man suspected of involvement in several carjackings.