Temple Mount
Temple MountIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Jerusalem police have ruled that activists cannot hold a march to the Temple Mount this Sunday.

Some 200 right-wing activists allegedly planned to lead approximately 20 sheep to Judaism's holiest site.

The march, beginning at Jerusalem's central bus station and culminating in the Old City of Jerusalem, was to be held in protest over the lack of permission to allow ritual offerings on the Temple Mount.

Police explained that such a march could disturb the peace and cause public disruptions. They plan to deploy along the proposed route on Sunday to prevent the march from reaching the Old City, a spokesperson said.

According to Torah Law, certain types of sacrifices are permitted to be carried out on the Temple Mount before the Third Temple is rebuilt, provided a minimal altar is first erected for the purpose.

Left-wing activists were granted permission, however, to carry out a controversial march in Jerusalem this Friday that already drew hundreds in Haifa and Tel Aviv. At least 160 people have committed to attend the event.

Known as the “SlutWalk” rally, the march is intended to underscore a woman's right to dress as she pleases without fear of the behavior provoking an assault by anyone.

The movement, which has made the rounds around the globe, was triggered by a statement made last year by a Canadian police officer who commented that in order to stay safe, “women should avoid dressing like sluts.”