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A Jewish woman fought off a pair of Arab carjackers late Tuesday night near Neria in the Samaria region.

The incident occurred as the woman drove home to the community of Neria.

Two residents from a nearby Palestinian Authority enclave blocked the road with two cars.

The men then ran toward the woman and attempted to break into her vehicle.

The woman responded by butting the attackers with her vehicle and driving away at high speed.

The men fled the scene before police were alerted and arrived.

Arabs seeking to carjack Israeli drivers - especially women - in Judea and Samaria has been on the rise in recent months.

In several instances drivers have had their vehicles stolen at gunpoint while being left alone on the roadway.

Police officials say they are aware of the trend and are actively investigating to determine who the ring-leaders are.

Several months ago police mounted an undercover sting operation, successfully breaking up a car-jacking ring in Qalqiliya.

Residents in Judea and Samaria demand that security officials classify the incidents as terrorism related.

They note that an escalation from car-jacking to kidnapping or murder could easily occur due to political realities in the region.