Members of an Al Qaeda-linked group inside a
Members of an Al Qaeda-linked group inside aReuters

The U.S. war on terror begins at home. Majid Khan was a nice kid from Baltimore who was learning in university until he met up with the wrong guy and later found himself employed by Osama Bin Laden.

He once wore a suicide vest in an attempt to blow himself up along with the president of Pakistan. The vest did not explode, and now Khan is still alive and the only American to be held in the Guantanamo Bay prison. He is preparing to testify against terrorists, reports Baltimore local television station WJZ.

The FBI looked for him two years after the 9/11 attacks and found a neighbor who told investigators, “He was a nice kid. He rode his bike; he played a little ball.” The neighbor did not know that the “nice kid” was plotting to kill fellow Americans.

His career in terror began after 9/11 when, according to another neighbor, “The wrong recruiter got to him. Bin Laden gave him a job.”

Before the end of 2011, he hopped on a plane to Pakistan and became a suicide bomber. After his vest did not blow up in a Pakistani mosque, Al Qaeda sent him back to the United States to wage terror at home, and he tried to make plans to poison local water supplies and blow up Baltimore area gas stations.

Like the suicide vest, his plans did not succeed, and he flew to Indonesia to deliver money that went to terrorists who later bombed a hotel, killing 12 people.

After federal authorities caught up with him, Khan struck a deal that might help the war on terror. He pleaded guilty and plans to testify against other terrorists, making him a marked man in the world of terror.

University of Maryland Prof. Michael Greenberger, a former U.S. counter-terrorism official, told WJZ, “The fact that they gave him a good deal suggests to me that he has information that is useful to the United States in plotting out what the terror threats are.”

One security official said, “He wishes he had never been involved with Al Qaeda, ever.”