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IDF observersFlash 90

The IDF infantry has begun distributing a new device for use by its platoon commanders: a laser rangefinder.

The IDF Website reports that the device is about the size of a cigarette box and weighs about 200 grams (0.44 lb.). It is manufactured by U.S. firm Opti-Logics.

A glance at the target through the rangefinder tells the platoon commander precisely how far it is and the vertical angle at which it is located. The commander passes on this information to his marksman or heavy weapons specialist, who uses it to fire accurately.

"This will lead to a meaningful improvement in abilities," said Maj. Yoav Galster, Combat Equipment Commander in the Land Forces Weapons Division.  The rangefinder is accurate for targets up to 1 km. away.

In addition, the Ground Forces Command has issued a tender for the supply of a helmet-mounted blinker light that will make it easier for commanders to know where their soldiers are during combat training and lessen the likelihood of "friendly fire" incidents. The blinker can emit seven different colors of light, including infrared, and is particularly useful in training for nighttime operations.