Gaza, seen from near Ashkelon after IDF hit
Gaza, seen from near Ashkelon after IDF hitReuters

Be’er Sheva District Court judge Justice Shlomo Friedlander has rejected a Gaza family’s claim for damages on the grounds that terrorists, not the IDF, are responsible for the unfortunate results of IDF activity in Gaza.

The family had sued for 8 million shekels over the accidental destruction of a chicken farm as the IDF bombed smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt.

“There is sorrow for the animals that lost their lives, the property that was destroyed, and of course the civilians who suffered a harsh blow to their property, their income, and the work of their hands” judge Friedlander said.

“However, Israel is not the correct address for this complaint and the demand for compensation,” he continued. “The plaintiffs should take their grievance, and their demand for compensation, to the correct address, that is: to the terrorists, to those who sent them and those who assisted them, those responsible for digging the tunnels, and to the regime in Gaza, the behavior of which put the plaintiffs, to their detriment, in the path of a military operation.”

Gaza terrorists have built hundreds of smuggling tunnels to Egypt, used to bring black market goods and weapons. The IDF often hits tunnels after terrorist attacks on southern Israel.