Apache helicopter
Apache helicopterIsrael news photo: IDF

Israel's military is going shopping to upgrade the missiles fired from its helicopters, a military source says. The missiles are used most often during surgical air strikes against Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza.

According to the source, the Israel Air Force is seeking to purchase guided precision missiles to be used primarily with its Apache and Cobra helicopters.

The army is also planning to equip its ground forces with a range of precision rockets ahead of a possible conflict on the northern or southern front.

A number of rocket battalions will be established under the Artillery Corps under the new plan.

One of those being considered is the Spike anti-tank guided missile, of which there are several in varying ranges range to choose from. The Spike is produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Another possible candidate is the Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) produced by Elbit Systems.  The missile uses a laser homing seeker to reach stationary and moving targets at ranges of 1-8 kilometers.