Boris Dolin
Boris Dolinיבגניה צ׳רננקו

Israel Talks chairman Boris Dolin was detained in the US after he told authorities at the airport in Philadelphia that has been engaged in Israel advocacy in Peru.

"This morning I landed in Philadelphia as part of a private visit. When immigration officials asked why I visited the U.S. several times, I said I was doing public relations," Dolin told Arutz Sheva.

"They argued that this means that I work in the US – contrary to my visa terms – and therefore almost deprived me of the permanent visa," Dolin said.

"When I tried to explain that we are volunteers and, moreover that we are a relatively young organization. that some of the costs are incurred personally, they refused to believe me," he said.

Dolin says he was interrogated for hours about his previous trips to the United States, "I was kept in a side room, my phone was taken from me, and I was left alone for long periods to dry out a bit."

"Finally, after seeing our website they decided there was a chance they are wrong and that the episode could get them in trouble," he went on. "I was allowed into the US with restrictions, for a short time, without the possibility of extension."

"I also was told not to return to the US for the duration of the year," Dolin said. "Meanwhile, I missed the connecting flight and got stuck in Philadelphia."

Dolin says Israel Talks has been doing Israel advocacy work for about eighteen months.

"We visited Moscow, Warsaw and the U.S. – New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our goal is to spread the Jewish-Israeli narrative and remind the world of who we are and why we are in the Middle East."