IDF Seder (file)
IDF Seder (file)Israel news photo: Flash 90

As millions of Israelis prepare to celebrate the Passover seder on Friday night, the IDF will join them at bases around the country.

The various IDF units have been busy all week preparing for the feast to come. Passover preparations involve dozens of soldiers and commanders at army bases and outposts on land, out at sea, and flying the skies.

As part of its preparations for the holiday, the IDF purchased 70,000 kg of various foods that included 8,000 kg of Nile perch fish, 3,500 kg of roast beef, 9,000 kg of chicken thighs, 7,200 kg of matzah, 16,000 bottles of grape juice, and more.

Diners at the seder will conclude the feast with 9,500 kg of chocolate marble cake.

Not one soldier will miss celebrating a seder, regardless of where they are: Those who are on duty will have their meals delivered directly to their positions in the field. The military Chief Rabbinate has been extremely busy, with all reinforcements of reservists in the kosher food industry called to their army units to supervise the preparations.

Prior to the holiday, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz will meet with 400 soldiers at the army resort village of AWIS Givat Olga to raise a glass in honor of the holiday.

The Association for the Israeli Soldier is holding a special Passover seder for lone soldiers who enlist to serve Israel despite having no family in the country. The event, now in its 11th year, is held in cooperation with the Division of Education and Youth Corps personnel.

“On the night of the seder and all through the holiday, the IDF calls on Israeli citizens to travel around the country and enjoy its beauty and attractions,” said the IDF Spokesperson, “but again calls on travelers to [also] abide by security and safety [protocols] as well.”