Children in Gaza during power outage
Children in Gaza during power outageReuters

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) began transferring emergency supplies of fuel to the Gaza Strip on Monday.

"This morning we began distributing 150,000 liters of diesel to Gaza's hospitals and we will have completed the distribution by the end of the day," ICRC Gaza spokesman Ayman al-Shehabi told AFP.

The ICRC said that the 150,000 liters of diesel will "help 13 public hospitals maintain essential health services for the next 10 days."

Hamas’ control of the area continues to leave Gaza in a situation of crisis and left three children dead when their portable heater exploded yesterday. 

“Hamas is playing a waiting game with its citizens, and so far, it is winning- because no one in the Arab world has the guts to publicly castigate them for their role in this crisis,” said the Elder of Ziyon blog.

“Charges of conspiracy are rife,” noted the AFP. “Hamas security forces have set up roadblocks and arrested dozens of Fatah members and individuals they accuse of ‘spreading rumors.’”

“Hamas’s interior ministry has acknowledged the arrest of more than one hundred people for ‘propagating rumors about the electricity and fuel shortage,’” continued the AFP. 

Israel’s Ministry of Defense decided to leave border crossings between Gaza and Israel open, a few weeks ago, despite ongoing rocket attacks on the south, in order to allow aids and other goods to be delivered from Israel to the people of Gaza.  

Following the Israeli decision, rockets continued to shake Jewish communities in southern Israel.