Tobey Maguire
Tobey MaguireReuters

"Spider-Man" movie star Tobey Maguire is visiting Israel with his family, this week.

Maguire, who also starred in “The Cider House Rules” and “Seabiscuit,” arrived in Israel on Thursday.

The week-long trip is reportedly going to be a mixture of business and pleasure.

Maguire, 36, has been caught on camera by paparazzi while visiting a Tel Aviv beach with his wife and two children.

The star and his family will be staying at a hotel in Jerusalem and are scheduled to tour various heritage sites across Israel. 

Maguire is also scheduled to attend an event by Mobil, a high-tech start-up company that he invested in.

Maguire will also promote a smartphone application that is partially owned by businessman and CEO Moshe Hogeg.