Liora Zachary
Liora ZacharyArutz Sheva

Liora Zachary, an immigrant from France, attended the news conference called Sunday by the editor of a French-Israeli publication and spoke out against the rampant anti-Israeli incitement in France. She described a situation that sounds somewhat like descriptions of pre-Holocaust Europe.

"Jews are being attacked all the time," she said.

"Children, in the buses, in the Metro, going to school, coming from school, couples in the street – this is just an unbearable situation. And we are talking about France, we are not talking about some kind of jungle. This is one of the main countries of Europe."

Not unlike the Jews of Europe before the Holocaust, Zachary sounded surprised that the Jews could be treated in this way. "The Jews of France have always been very active in the French community, in the French market," she said. "They have contributed tremendously to France. And I don't think this is the kind of treatment they should receive."