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Canada (illustrative)Reuters

The head of security for Canada’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) has revealed a security plan based in up-to-date counter-terror tactics. Now Doron Horowitz, a decorated ex-IDF soldier, is looking for volunteers to help him put the plan into action.

Horowitz hopes to keep Jewish centers safe with the help of community patrols. Volunteers will be trained in counter-surveillance techniques, helping them to recognize suspicious behavior.

The focus on pinpointing small signs of suspicious behavior echoes Israeli techniques used in Ben-Gurion Airport and elsewhere. Israeli guards are known for focusing on passenger behavior and minute facial cues.

Horowitz told local media that Jewish security patrols would not use violence, and would coordinate with police. “We are not looking to be anything like vigilante groups,” he told Toronto’s The Star. “We see something, we say something – we observe and report.”

Any volunteers who appear aggressive or instigate fights will be rejected from training, he said.

Explaining the need for a patrol, Horowitz told the Canadian Jewish News, “The Jewish community has, is and always will be under a certain amount of threat.” Canada is relative safe, he said, “But Canada, given that nothing has happened here and we’re in a liberal society, for better or worse, lends itself to be attractive to those who wish to cause harm.”

“Radical Islam is active here,” he added.

Patrols will begin in Toronto, and if successful, will be started elsewhere in the country as well.