Catherine Ashton
Catherine AshtonReuters

The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, made a skewed comparison on Monday between the lethal, unprovoked shooting attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse, in which three children and a teacher were murdered at point blank range, and the unintended deaths of children in Gaza when Israel attempts to stop missile launchings and apprehend terrorists.

“When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we also remember what happened in Norway last year, and what is happening now in Syria and Gaza, and other areas of the world,” the Ma’ariv newspaper quoted Ashton as having said.

“We see before our eyes all the children who lost their lives,” Ashton added, during a meeting with Palestinian Authority Arab youth in Brussels.

“I want to pay tribute today to all those young people,” she added, noting especially the PA children who, according to Ashton, “against all odds, continue to study, work, dream and aspire for a better future.”

Ashton did not distinguish between a deliberate terror attack against Jewish children and those children in Gaza who are accidentally killed in IAF air strikes, due to the fact that Gaza terrorists deliberately fire rockets at Israeli children from populated areas and use civilians as human shields - and despite the fact that the IDF makes herculean efforts to pinpoint terrorist targets as no other army in the world does.

She also did not mention the hundreds of thousands of Israeli children who have to spend much of their lives hiding in shelters from Gaza missiles and who try to continue to study, work, dream and aspire for a better future against all odds. It is the Israeli government's investment in the Iron Dome and shelters, inadequate as they may be, and the children's obedience to civil defense rules, that has so far kept the fatalities down. 

French police are investigating whether a neo-Nazi gang was involved in Monday's shooting attack on the school in Toulouse.

The same two handguns used in the slaughter had also been used a week earlier in two similar shooting attacks on French paratroopers. Three victims were Muslim and all appeared to be either Middle Eastern or Black.

According to a report published in the French magazine Le Monde, police are now investigating whether a neo-Nazi gang was behind the murders. The magazine reported Monday that police have confirmed they are searching for three ex-paratroopers from Montauban who were dishonorably discharged from the army last year after being photographed in a Nazi salute in front of a Nazi flag while sporting swastika tattoos.