The Popular Resistance Committees terror group adds further evidence to reports that Hamas cannot control other terrorist groups in Gaza.

A video released by the IDF shows a Hamas television interview last Saturday with "Abu Mujahed," spokesman of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). Abu Mujahed admits that Hamas allows his group complete freedom of action in Gaza.

Asked by the interviewer to respond to suspicions by “Arabs on the street” that Hamas restricted the PRC’s ability to stage attacks against Israel, Abu Mujahed responded, ”What I can say is that the government in Gaza didn’t prevent us from doing a thing with regard to our resistance activity. No one can prevent this activity. That’s one point. The other point is that the government in Gaza truly didn’t prevent us from responding to this aggression.”

Israel's Strategic Affairs Ministry Director Yosef Kuperwasser recently told an Israeli security conference that Hamas "is not capable of implementing this responsibility."

"It is not in control of what happens in Gaza. Islamic Jihad does what it wants, the Popular Resistance Committees do what they want, and the Fatah military wing does everything it wants," he said.

Hamas seized control of Gaza nearly five years ago in a bloody militia war that ousted the rival Fatah faction, headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

By allowing the PRC to operate as an ostensibly independent group, Hamas is able to carry out terror attacks against Israelis while maintaining an official stance of “restraint,” said a spokesmen for the IDF, which holds Hamas accountable for all terrorist attacks from Gaza.

The IDF last Friday successfully targeted two PRC terrorist leaders who were planning a major terrorist attack on southern Israel. The same terrorist group was involved in last summer’s lethal multi-pronged terrorist attack on Highway 12, northwest of Eilat, killing eight people.

PRC terrorists are funded and trained by Hamas and coordinate attacks with Iran and Hizbullah, the IDF said. The group, along with Hamas and the Army of Islam, carried out the attack on an IDF checkpoint at a crossing into Gaza in June 2006, resulting in the death of two soldiers and the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. He was held in captivity for more than five years until being released late last year in return for more than 1,000 Hamas terrorists and other security prisoners.