Highway 443
Highway 443Israel news photo: Flash 90

Following a series of carjackings in Samaria, police have begun successfully using pre-planned ambush and sting operations to catch thieves red handed.  

On Monday evening, two Arab suspects were caught in one such operation after they tried to steal a truck at Naalin junction, north of Modiin. The thieves are residents of the village of Kibya and in their 30s.

The truck was full of Arab-owned merchandise worth tens of thousands of shekels.

When the thieves identified the policemen, they attempted to escape in their car, which hit the police car. The policemen fired at the thieves' car's tires and succeeded in stopping it and arresting the suspects.

Police say the planned operation Monday is one of a series of operations being carried out in the wake of the recent carjacking wave. Several suspects have already been arrested and charged, police added.

Last week, a 33-year-old resident of Kalkilya was arrested on suspicion of taking part in the carjackings, which often target women.

Another resident of Kalkilya was arrested in the course of a car theft at Tzufim junction, in a sting operation involving a female detective who drove a car on her own. The suspect was found to be carrying a knife and was taken away to interrogation. Police said that additional arrests can be expected.