Tal Yehoshua-Koren's car after New Delhi terr
Tal Yehoshua-Koren's car after New Delhi terrReuters

The outgoing head of the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned on Thursday that Israelis abroad are still under the threat of terror attacks.

Speaking during an interview on Army Radio, Nitzan Nuriel said that the dangers to Israelis abroad are increasing and that Iranian terror is constantly working to carry out terror attacks.

“The level of threat against Israelis abroad has increased, and the level of preparedness and readiness has increased accordingly,” he said. “Every Israeli has to understand this. If Mr. Israel Israeli is now planning his Passover vacation, he needs to be sure that he’s planning it right and that he’s going to places without taking unnecessary risks. He should always ask himself whether the various security components exist wherever he is going. Questions such as ‘is the hotel located in an immigrants’ neighborhood?’ or ‘is their security in the hotel?’ can sometimes remove, for a certain time period, the fear of terror attacks.”

Nuriel also addressed the recent attempts by terrorists to attack the Israeli embassies in India and Georgia and said, “I would recommend not to be happy about the failure of one terror attempt or another, since the terrorist organizations do learn from their mistakes. When we meet them next time - and it will happen, because their motivation hasn’t stopped – their actions will be more professional. All those who have studied the subject said that there is a clear connection between these acts and Iran, which is not surprising.”

Nuriel added, “Not many people know that there is a large body in Iran whose task is to carry out terrorism overseas. When the instructions come from wherever they come, the terror activities increase.”