Elazar Aharoni
Elazar Aharonicourtesy of family

"From the moment we entered, the workers stared at us in a suspicious manner, and treated us with contempt.”

Elazar Aharoni, a yeshiva student from Ashdod, described for Arutz Sheva's Hebrew news magazine the brutal beating he experienced at the hands of Arabs on Mount Hermon two weeks ago -- an attack that really began with a nice day at a beautiful site, and a ride on the cable car.

"After visiting the site, instead of opening the cable car, one of the inspectors began a confrontation with one of the guys,” Aharoni recalled. "After a while we made our way to the bus, but a group of them followed us. We all ran, but I tripped and fell.

“The attackers kicked me and beat me mercilessly until someone arrived and rescued me.”

Aharoni required surgery for a broken nose, and suffers from back injuries and insomnia at night. He says that no one from Mount Hermon has contacted him. He added that police have finessed the event, and have not provided his family with updates on the investigation.

The management of the Mount Hermon site responded that the matter has been referred to the police. Police said an investigation into the incident has been launched.