MemriTVIsrael news photo:

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Tawfiq Okasha declared last week that the Egyptian Army will engage in armed warfare against Israel, the United States and the European Union within three months. 

The declaration, made in a segment translated into English by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on February 9, Okasha also said that "like the Nazis, the Jews aim to rule and own the world.”

“Hitler’s principle was that the best race must become master of the world… Hitler established German Nazism to rule and own the world. On the other hand, we find that this is precisely the same philosophy as that of the Israelites and the Jews who say: we are the Semitic people, we are the best in the world, and we must rule and own the world, because the Semites are the kings of the earth and all that is upon it,” he said.

“Hitler knew that the Jews uphold the same ideology…. Hitler believed that the Germans were the masters of the world, whereas the Jews believed that they are the masters of the world.”

“Thus, a battle ensued. Either the Jews would destroy Hitler, so that they would be able to continue pursuing their goals of ruling the world, or else, Hitler would annihilate the Jews…”

He continued to state that, “Hitler was defeated because the Jews conducted a clandestine battle against him. Two if Hitler’s advisors were working for the Jews… Hence, the Jews managed to get close to Hitler, by means of his closest advisors.”

Addressing the interviewer, he asked, “See how long the Jews have been conspiring against the world? Since the end of WWII.”

It seems quite inaccurate, though, that he is blaming the Jews of “conspiring against the world” only “since the end of “WWII.” After all, weren’t those the same accusations used by Nazi propaganda prior to the onset of the war, and in fact, for hundreds and hundreds of years?

He then went on to say that Israel, America and the European Union are planning to destroy three institutions in Egypt with “exceptional malice,” namely the Egyptian general intelligence agency, the Egyptian armed forces, and the Egyptian military intelligence.

He then declared, “as of today, the war effort of the people has begun. This is essential, a war effort!”

“This is a fierce and bitter battle which began without any shooting, but will end with shooting. I say this here and now, the Egyptian army will open fire on the armies of the enemies,” he proclaimed.

When asked exactly when an armed war would begin, he replied, “within three months.”