Danger on the highways
Danger on the highwaysIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Following the exclusive report Sunday on a recent carjacking in Samaria, yet another eyewitness account of a carjacking incident has reached Arutz Sheva.

Yaakov Gonen, a resident of Karnei Shomron, described a carjacking that he witnessed last week, in the early afternoon.

He was on his way eastward from Rishon LeTzion toward Karnei Shomron. A short distance after the Tzofim Junction, he looked leftward and saw a parked car, and "some kind of struggle" going on inside it.

"I saw the car standing but moving, and I saw the door opening and a woman being pushed out of it, and shouting 'help!' as she was being pushed… As I am running, I see an Arab Subaru vehicle getting nearer in reverse. The driver is looking backward and driving toward us."

A few seconds passed and the woman who had been struggling with the attacker was thrown out of the vehicle. Her hand was caught in the seat belt, though, and she was dragged on the ground for a few meters before she could free it.

The Subaru driver got out of his car and ran into the bushes, leaving his car behind. But a short time later a third man got into the Subaru and drove away with it. Gonen realized that the three were working as a team.

All the while, cars were driving by – mostly driven by Arabs – and no one stopped.

After 25 minutes, a military force arrived but did not even try to give chase to the thieves, who were probably already in Kalkilya. Gonen wrote about the incident in his community's email group and called on all those who do not possess gun permits – to get them, "or take along a baseball bat."

He also noted that the Arabs prefer to on women and suggested that women avoid driving alone, especially in the evening and nighttime.

The police's Judea and Samaria District said in response to a query by Arutz Sheva: "The subject is known and is on the District's agenda. Following the events, the police are carrying out an intensive investigation and also carrying out operational moves, both visible and undercover."