In an entirely uncharacteristic interview, infamous “Palestinian activist" and author, Norman Finkelstein, admitted that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is “a cult.”

While Finkelstein proudly declares he supports the ideological foundation upon which the BDS movement was established, he nonetheless admits that it is no “accident” or “unwitting omission” that BDS does not mention Israel‘s right to exist.

"It's not like, oh man, we forgot to mention it…” he said, adding that “they won’t mention it,” precisely because the majority - if not entirety - of those involved in BDS do, in fact, want to completely eliminate Israel.

Finkelstein said, while the BDS movement calls itself a “rights based organization” and claims it is “fighting for rights” and “enforcing the law,” it does no such thing.

“If you are serious about politics and serious about trying to build a mass movement, you can’t go beyond what the public is ready to accept.  The public is ready to accept, in my opinion, what international law says,” Finkelstein says.

International law recognizes Israel’s right to exist, Finkelstein acknowledged.  The very fact that the BDS movement fails to do so, he says, undermines their platform.

While he prides himself on having dedicated his life to the “Palestinian cause,” Finkelstein nonetheless calls the Palestinian Authority, a “gang of corrupt, wretched collaborators,” who are unwilling to mobilize their people because they are afraid they will meet the same fate as Mubarak.

Addressing his interviewer and so-called “human rights activities” activist Frank Barat, Finkelstein said “let’s be honest with ourselves, BDS wants to accomplish three things: the end of the occupation, the right of return and equal rights as citizens.”

However, he continued, “they think they are very clever, but they know that the end result is that there is no Israel.” Finkelstein admitted he is “not going to lie” and admitted the mivement is seeking Israel's destruction.

Addressing Barat's question about so-called 'Palestinian refugees,' Finkelstein said, “Now Frank, you have to be honest… will a public think it’s reasonable for six million Palestinians to descend on a country which right now has 1.8 million pal and 5 and a half million Jews which means you are completely overnight, radically completely, change the demographics of the country. Will a person in the public find that reasonable?”

Finkelstein also conceded that the BDS movement's claims of success far surpass their actual accomplishments, “Have you ever seen a statement by BDS that doesn’t have the first subordinate clause ‘BDS the largest society organizes protest…’”

Then, switching to a derisive tone, Finkelstein continued... "endorsed by twenty six trillion, five hundred and fifty five million billion organizations? They are just Ramallah NGOs, which represent absolutely nothing,”

Finkelstein concluded his remarks, lamenting, “It’s a cult... you make up numbers, fantasize and all of the followers are supposed to nod their heads.”

Frustrated, Finkelstein confessed, “I’m tired of gurus and I‘m tired of cults.”