Mumbai, India
Mumbai, IndiaFlash 90

An Israeli official says an explosion has hit an Israeli diplomat's car in New Delhi, Associated Press reported Monday. In Georgia, meanwhile, another explosive device was discovered in a car driven by an embassy employee.

The official in Delhi said one person was hurt in the blast, but according to AP he did not identify the victim.

Several Israeli news sources reported that the wife of the Israeli security attaché in Delhi suffered moderate or moderate-to-serious injuries in the blast. She was evacuated to a hospital. 

Israeli Embassy spokesman David Goldfarb said the car was near the embassy when the blast occurred.

Indian police said that a car was on fire on the street outside the embassy but did not add details.

An explosive device was defused Monday near the Israeli embassy in Georgia, too. No one was hurt in that incident.

Eyewitnesses reported that a local Indian resident was hurt in the Delhi blast.

Zeenews said the car was "gutted after it suddenly exploded on Monday afternoon in Delhi."

It identified the vehicle as an Innova SUV car bearing a diplomatic number that exploded near a gasoline pump, meters away from the Indian prime minister's residence. Another car in the vicinity was also reportedly damaged.

In Georgia, the explosive apparently targeted a car driven by local resident employed by the Israeli embassy. He reportedly dropped off his children at their kindergarten and continued driving when he heard an unfamiliar noise. He stopped the car and discovered the explosive charge.

Israeli embassies have been placed on alert as the terrorist groups prepare to mark the fourth anniversary of Imad Mughniyeh, a senior Hizbullah terrorist.