Yisrael Shechter, hit by rock.
Yisrael Shechter, hit by rock.Arutz Sheva

A man was lightly wounded in a rock attack on the Mount of Olives Thursday. Arutz Sheva spoke to the man – Yisrael Shechter – who said that he learned that such attacks are more serious than one might think, just from listening to the news.

"I was driving to the Mount of Olives cemetery, along with a friend," he related. "On the way, on the road from Har HaTzofim to Har Hazeitim, we were on the ridge, and I was hit very hard in the ear by a rock. It was very forceful and thank G-d, and if it had hit 5 cm. away I do not know if I would have been talking now."

"On Sabbath we will say 'Hagomel' [a blessing recited after surviving a dangerous experience – ed.] and thank G-d it only hit the ear and I have a strong pain in my neck…"

"There were two rocks – one hit and the other missed the car. We stood to the side and then a police car passed without seeing us. We honked and I tried to drive after him, and then a third rock was thrown at us. It was small and missed us. This was 50 meters from the first incident. They brought an ambulance but I told them I can drive to the hospital myself."

"Now I am waiting in line for the surgeon. One hears about rock throwing incidents but I can tell you it is clear to me that a rock like this can definitely kill. I have no doubt. The blow is extremely forceful. And this Shabbat I will say 'Hagomel' and I am thinking of holding a festive meal. I feel that I have been saved from death. It is not a children's game. A rock like this can kill."

Police and Border Police combed the area after the attack.

Arabs hurled a fire bomb at a security jeep on the Mount of Olives ridge Wednesday.