Riots in Isawiya
Riots in IsawiyaFlash 90

Rioting Arabs in the Jerusalem enclave of Isawiya clashed with Israeli soldiers and police officers in eastern Jerusalem. Injuries were reported on both sides.

The riot stemmed from a confrontation on Tuesday afternoon in the center of Isawiya after Israeli forces arrested Ayyoub Ubeid in his home.

Israeli police say Ubeid was detained for questioning pursuant to reports he had thrown stones at passing Israeli vehicles.

Such attacks by Arabs against Jewish Israelis are common in eastern Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria, and have been known to result in grievous injury or death.

Witnesses told the PA affiliated Ma’an News Agency that two Israeli police officers sustained injuries along with dozens of Arab residents.

A young man was also reportedly hit in the head by a rubber bullet amid the clashes. Medics said he was seriously hurt and taken to he hospital for treatment.

Standard police procedure is to fire rubber bullets at the lower extremities, making it likely the bullet was a stray round or richochet.

Rioters reportedly set tires on fire, and hurled stones and firebombs at police during the fray prompting a strong police response.

Isawiya has a long-history of violent Arab unrest and is known to be a difficult and often dangerous environment for police to operate in.