The community of Nahal Oz came under attack on Friday night as residents tried to enjoy their Shabbat rest.

No physical injuries or property damage were reported in the attack.

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigade, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), claimed to have fired four mortar rounds at the Gaza-belt community of Nahal Oz.

They said in a statement that the shelling came as retaliation for an Israeli force storming Ash-Shujaa’eya east of Gaza City at 10:50 pm on Friday.

The IDF force reportedly crossed into  the area after a nearby watchtower on the Israeli side of Gaza security fence came under fire by terrorists in Ash-Shujaa’eya.

However, a spokesman for the IDF said that a single rocket – not four mortar rounds – fell in an open area near Nahal Oz on Friday.

A flare fired by the IDF over Ash-Shujaa’eya near dusk to illuminate the trouble spot on Saturday reportedly hit a family home.

No physical injuries were reported in the incident.