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A Haifa high school on Wednesday sponsored a symposium for students on how families deal with the  loss of loved ones from terror attacks. The speakers, however, were from a leftist organization, called “The Jewish-Palestinian Forum of Grieving Parents” - while Ron Kerhmann, another parent whose child was killed in a terror attack, was denied the opportunity to speak, he says.

Kehrmann father of Tal Kehrmann, who was killed in 2003 when terrorists bombed a bus she was riding on in Haifa, while on her way to the same high school – City School number 5 – took place Wednesday. With his close ties to the community and given the fact that his daughter had studied there, Kehrmann asked to speak at the symposium – but was told by the school that he would not be listed as a speaker. “I tried for over a week to arrange a time to speak, but was given the runaround,” Kehrmann told Arutz Sheva. “After speaking to school officials I was told that I just was not wanted at the school.”

Kehrmann angrily criticized the school for attempting to equate the suffering of parents like him – whose parents were killed in terror attacks by Arabs – with that of Arab parents, whose children were killed by IDF soldiers during anti-terror raids. “My daughter was killed in a terrorist attack on a bus while she was on her way to school. Their children were killed during a legitimate IDF attack” against terror activities that those “victims” were engaged in, he added.

Kehrmann says that the school's administration has turned terrorist victimization into a political football. “They lied to me about respecting my opinion, but they are not interested in hearing what I have to say,” he says, preferring an overtly political organization, whose main activities is to opposed IDF roadblocks in Judea and Samaria. “I call on the Education Ministry to prevent such political activity in schools. This particular group is to the left of Peace Now,” he added.

The school has not commented on the matter, despite requests by Arutz Sheva.