“I will finish Israel electronically,” warns “OxOmar, the Saudi hacker,” who adds, “I am one of the stronger haters of Israel. The end of Israel is very close.” He was quoted by Arabic language newspapers Sunday.

He says he lives in Riyadh, a claim that is denied by the Saudi-based Arab News, which suggests he might live in Israel. OxOmar has mocked allegations that he lives in Mexico and said no one ever can find out his location.

OxOmar hacked Israeli credit card website earlier this month, exposing thousands of details of their accounts. Israeli banks denied his claim that he hacked 400,000 credit card accounts.

He was quoted in the Abu Dhabi-based Alittihad daily and other regional newspapers on Sunday as threatening to reveal secret information that Israeli espionage agents obtained.”

“I can publish any information about Israel, but I am just waiting for the right time and place,” he declared. “The end of Israel is very close… I will use all my powers and those of my supporters to achieve that.

“We had hacked some websites in the past but from now on, I, OxOmar, decided to hack only Israeli sites to harm it and make it suffer,” he added.  “I live in Riyadh and I am fighting for the children of Palestine… I want to tell these children to resist and that victory is very close.”

A report in the Arab News claimed that OxOmar is a foreign agent from outside the country. Ali Bluwi wrote that based on what a Canadian engineer specializing in cyber information wrote him, “Most probably, the hacker is an Israeli one because Israeli information security had previously accused one of its recruited employees of messing up with information."