'Popular Resistance Activist'
'Popular Resistance Activist'Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arab street artists in Jerusalem are agitating for a third Intifada – or violent uprising – against Israel.

According the Palestinian Authority affiliated Maan News Agency, the artists stenciled "symbols of resistance" in Jerusalem overnight on Monday in a campaign they hope will spur the city’s Arabs to action.

"One image at a time we are aiming to break the fear and lack of motivation of our Palestinian people and call them to rise," the activists said in a statement.

"Until there are masses marching, the streets can send a message in another way, and we're using a stencil and spray paint to do it."

Monday’s images, spray painted in red and depicting a woman with a keffiyeh covered face, appeared in the Talpiot commercial district in southern Jerusalem.

The same so-called "artwork" appeared in several neighborhoods in western Jerusalem over the weekend, as well.

The group says the street art continues "a longer popular resistance struggle that we are all committed to."

"Street art is simply one tool that we are using in our struggle for freedom,” they added.

While the artists claim to be non-violent and support 'popular resistance," both Intifadas saw extensive rioting by Arabs in Israel, as well concerted waves of terror attacks targeting Israeli civilians.

Described by Israelis as “little more than a murder spree,” the Intifadas claimed no fewer than 1,000 Israeli lives.