Amona eviction, 2006
Amona eviction,

The eviction of residents and demolition of Migron will resemble the Disengagement, a senior  IDF officer in Central Command told reporters Tuesday.

"This is not another outpost eviction," he said. "Migron is a community. This is an unprecedented eviction compared to everything we have done until now."

The officer further estimated that unlike outpost evictions, the destruction of Migron will not be over in one night. "I think the reaction of the settlers will also be more meaningful," he said. He added: "This step will also hurt the security aspect" – possibly meaning that IDF forces will have to be set aside to deal with Jews, thus compromising the anti-terror effort.

The officer admitted that the press coverage of the Jewish riot at the Ephraim Brigade Base had been disproportional. "The subject received greater attention because of the spotlight that was pointed at the area that night. Events like this have happened in the past."

The officer said that the IDF is worried about the rise in terror attacks on motorists in Judea and Samaria. Both rock attacks and firebomb attacks are increasing, he said.

The technique of throwing rocks from inside a passing car at another car is relatively new, he said. "The phenomenon started last August. There appears to be a cell in Gush Etzion, and another one in Binyamin, that we have not yet put our hands on. The murder of Asher Palmer and his son gave terror groups a boost."

Another dangerous and new terrorist technique, he said, is that of terrorists disguised as Israeli police who put up roadblocks and use a police strobe light to complete the illusion. The purpose seems to be abduction of Jews.