Rabbi E. Levanon
Rabbi E. LevanonIsrael news photo

Sources close to Rav Elyakim Levanon deny the report in ultra-leftist paper Haaretz, according to which the rabbi told students at the Elon Moreh yeshiva, which he heads, that he will resign his position.

The sources called the report "delusional."

According to Haaretz, Rav Levanon said that he will resign so that he can freely criticize the military's stance on "women's singing" without endangering his students' future.

The report claims Rav Levanon is concerned that if he does not resign, his yeshiva students could wind up paying the price for such statements, as happened with Har Beracha yeshiva when its head, Rav Eliezer Melamed, was attacked for comments he made in support of soldiers who protested against uprooting Jewish communities.

"This is a silly and delusional article from Haaretz," sources close to the rabbi said. "The Rabbi has no intention of stepping down, especially not for speaking out against the IDF."

Rav Levanon, who is also the Chief Rabbi of Samaria, came out strongly against soldiers' viewing entertainment that includes female singers. Interestingly, soldiers from the Elon Moreh Hesder Yeshiva won first place in a recent IDF competition for excellence, prompting some to point to a possible connection between no-nonsense Torah education and military ability.