Two Kuwaiti military officers attached to an Arab League observer team in Syria were slightly injured when a mob attacked their delegation on Monday.

"The team of the Arab League mission in Syria was attacked by unknown protesters," a spokesman for the Kuwait general staff told the official Kuwait News Agency (Kuna).

The two officers were reportedly treated at a local hospital before being discharged and resuming their duties at the headquarters of the Arab mission. The attack occurred in the northern city of Lakatia.

The officers were a part of team that includes military officers from Kuwait, the UAE, Iraq, Morocco and Algeria.

Arab League observers came under fire from Syrian security forces in December. Syrian authorities claimed the incident - in which no one was hurt - was accidental.

Monday's incident comes as the Arab League debates whether to refer Syria, which it has suspended from its ranks and imposed sanctions on, to the United Nations.

Critics of the Arab League observer mission say it has been ineffective in curbing the bloody crackdown by President Bashar al-Assad's security forces and has inadvertently served as a fig leaf for the regimes continued violence.

At least 12 protesters were killed by Assad's forces on Tuesday as the violence continues to rock Syria.

UN Human Rights officials say close to 6,000 dissidents have been killed by Assad's forces since protests erupted some 10 months ago. Syrian officials say some 2,000 security personnel have been killed in the unrest.

In addition to an entrenched protest movement, Assad has faced a deadly and growing armed insurgency by army defectors led by dissident Syrian officers in Turkey.