Hamas leader Ismail Radwan said Wednesday that the PLO talks with Israeli envoys in Amman this week would damage Fatah's reconciliation deal with the terror group.

"We consider these meetings a blow for national reconciliation, especially as we agreed in Cairo to face Israel's settlements, wall, and attacks together," Radwan said.

Hamas signed a unity deal with Fatah in May 2011 which sought to end four years of divided government in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. In December Hamas said it would join the PLO.

However, Hamas has now re-stated its entrenched opposition to any rapprochement with Israel as Fatah and PLO official Saeb Erekat met with Israeli delegate Yitzhak Molcho in Amman on Tuesday.

Radwan said on Wednesday that Hamas considers talks to be a "cover for Israel to continue judaizing Jerusalem and launching attacks on Gaza."

"These futile negotiations are a waste of time," he added.

Radwan called on the PLO to stop the meetings and prioritize national unity.

The secular Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group also slammed the talks with Israel, saying the Amman meeting was a "grave political mistake, which will encourage occupation to go ahead with its aggressiveness against the Palestinian people and their properties."

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' office responded Wednesday that talks hosted by Jordan would continue until the end of January.

Some observers say both Fatah and Hamas may be getting cold feet about the national unity agenda and could be using disagreement over the talks as a pretext for backing down from the deal.