Soldiers.Israel news photo: Flash 90

The IDF website says enhanced weapons systems will make Israeli forces entering Gaza more effective than they were in the 2008-2009 Cast Lead Campaign. These include more accurate mortars and gun sights.

The website's Hadas Duvdevani quoted Major Roniel Turgeman, head of the Infantry Corps's Weaponry and Unmanned Vehicles department, who explained that, "Because this is a built-up area, it is required to improve the lethality and precision of the forces, as the well as the ability to maneuver and to respond effectively to this complex type of conflict."

"These are things that increase the confidence of soldiers in their ability to fight and their ability to deal with well-prepared enemies," he said.

In the field of sniping, a new long-range rifle called "Barak" has been brought into use in the course of the year, improving the IDF's lethality both during the day and at night. The IDF is currently working on a more accurate mortar system.

"Enhanced weaponry will help forces become more rapid, lethal and flexible," said Maj. Turgeman.

A system is being developed that will identify the source of small arms fire, allowing forces to respond more rapidly and precisely. Also, a new sophisticated grenade launching system will improve accuracy and lethality.