Livnat's Arrest
Livnat's ArrestEfraim Moreno

Yehuda Ariel Livnat, brother of the murdered Ben Yosef Livnat, and nephew of government minister Limor Livnat, was arrested last week on charges of participating in “price tag” vandalism. Livnat was arrested along with five others in a raid on a Jerusalem apartment last week, and has been under house arrest since then.

Livnat is accused of participating in the protest action at the Binyamin IDF base last week, in protests that developed after the attempted evacuation and demolition of Ramat Gilad, along with other activities. Livnat has been detained to his family's home in Elon Moreh. Livnat's father is Noam Livnat, brother of Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat.

Yehuda Livnat was in the vehicle with his brother Ben Yosef when the latter was killed by Palestinian Authority police near Kever Yosef, the Tomb of the Biblical Joseph, in Shechem last April. PA police began shooting at worshippers who were praying at the site, and ran for their vehicles when they heard the shooting. PA police opened fire on the vehicles, with a bullet fired by a PA policeman mortally wounding Ben Yosef.

Limor Livnat has not commented on the arrest.