MK Danon
MK DanonIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Deputy Knesset Speaker MK Danny Danon on Sunday submitted a new bill for Knesset approval, which would add a declaration of loyalty to Israel as a condition for receiving an identity card.

The bill states that “any certificate issued by the State would include the signing of a document with a section pledging allegiance to the State of Israel.”

Danon explained that the reason for the bill is his belief that a mutual allegiance contract between the State and its citizens is a fundamental condition for receiving services and rights from the State.

“In the sad situation that has been created, there are many citizens who act against the State which protects them,” he said. “This outrageous situation must change. Whoever is not loyal to the State should not be a citizen.”

Danon did not conceal the fact that his bill is directed at the Israeli Arab citizens and added, “The crime figures make it clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that Israeli Arabs dismiss the laws of the State and have a higher crime data than any other sector.

He said that a situation in which Israeli citizens call to kidnap IDF soldiers in exchange for the release of terrorists, burn Israeli flags at demonstrations and directly support those who call for Israel’s destruction requires special attention and that producing a written and binding contract between the State and its citizens would solve this issue.

“Loyalty to the State is something which should be obvious, but I'm afraid that in the current situation in the Arab sector loyalty has become rare, and in order to preserve this important value we’ll have to make it a condition that ID cards will be given in exchange for a declaration of loyalty to Israel,” said Danon.