European Jewish lawyers have launched a ”lawfare” project to fight anti-Semitism, modeling the program on the American-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Jewish legal experts announced the program at a conference of Jewish lawyers in Brussels last week, the European Jewish Press reported.

A task force was established “in light of the increasing and constant growth of anti-Semitism in the whole of Europe and the campaign to delegitimize Israel using traditional and new forms as well as legal means," a resolution said.

The task force comprises five lawyers from France, Germany and Britain.

Ron Prosor, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations and formerly the envoy in Britain, told the conference, "One should begin to stand up and use the tools that are used against us.”

ADL National Civil Rights Director Deborah Lauter advised, "Laws will not eliminate anti-Semitism…."We will never eradicate anti-Semitism if we cannot reach people’s hearts and minds. Taking anti-Semites to court is not by itself going to solve the problem.

“We need education and to work with coalition partners, to develop school curricula that teach why anti-Semitism is wrong. But we also need to call on our political, civil and religious leaders to speak out forcefully against anti-Semitism,"

Howard Gutman, the American ambassador to Belgium, pre-warned the conference his remarks would not be "what you would expect me to say."

He said he does not think anti-Semitism in Europe is growing. Gutman followed up by blaming the Palestinian Authority-Israeli disagreements for creating tensions that prevent a reduction in anti-Semitism.