Makam Sheikh Abdallah
Makam Sheikh AbdallahBeit El Local Authority

For many years, the site of Jacob's dream was identified in a Roman - Byzantine citadel named Burj Bitin located south of the Arab village of Bitin, near Ramallah. In a new documentary, just released today, Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi brings the archaeological discoveries in a site named Makam Sheikh Abdallah, near the settlement of Bet El.

These findings prove the theory suggested by Prof. Zeev Vilnai, that the site of Jacob's dream became the site of the Temple of King Jeroboam in Makam Sheikh Abdallah.  In recent years, the archaeological findings proved this was the site of the Israelite Temple which was probably located on the site of Jacob's dream.

The documentary brings the first pictures from the archaeological findings and the accumulation of facts which can lead to the conclusion that the site of Jacob's dream has been discovered.

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