Illegal Immigration Rally
Illegal Immigration RallyFlash 90

Hundreds of activists from My Israel organization and the Likud party were joined by residents from southern Tel Aviv on Tuesday at Metzudat Ze'ev, the Likud's Tel Aviv headquarters, to demand that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu act to stanch the flow of illegal immigrants into Israel.

In recent months, the already steady rate of illegal immigration to Israel by way of the southern border with Egypt demarcating the Sinai has risen to thousands per month. 

Most illegal immigrants are fortune seekers from African nations who traverse the entirety of Egypt to enter Israel, completely unimpeded by Egyptian officials. Some are refugees.

Participants at the demonstration carried signs that read "Israel is Being Conquered" , "There are no Infiltrators in Caesarea [a wealthy area, ed.]" and more. Behind the speakers' platform was placed a huge sign that said "Eritrea Loves Netanyahu".

During the event, demonstration organizers produced a satirical honorary certificate 'awarded' by the Government of Eritrea to an absent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his contribution to the welfare of the citizens of the African country.

Critics of the Netanyahu government's weak stance on illegal immigration say the large numbers of infiltrators into Israel via Sinai will one day threaten the Jewish character of the state. They point out that this has already happened in certain neighborhoods of Tel Aviv - where the demonstration was held to prove the shifting demographic balance some areas are experiencing.

Ayelet Shaked, chairman of My Israel, said in her speech that "Israel is a Jewish and democratic state. If we want it to remain so - we should not allow ourselves to become the solution for tribal conflicts and a poor economy in Africa. "

Shaked added, "Prime Minister Netanyahu has to be determined and courageous, to defend the border, build a fence, and to enforce Israel's immigration laws."