Wastewater treatment lagoon designed by Mapal
Wastewater treatment lagoon designed by MapalIsrael news photo: courtesy of Mapal Green En

At least 30 government ministers and 120 delegations from nations around the world will be in Tel Aviv next week for the WATEC water technology conference.

The annual event
brings together thousands of top Israeli and international business executives, politicians, decision makers and leading researchers who share their insights and debate key issues facing the world's water and ecological systems. Already registration for the event is 30 percent higher than attendance for the expo held in 2009.

The unique exhibition – WATEC 2011 – the International Exhibition and Conference on Water Technologies, Renewable Energy and Environmental Control – is set to be held November 15-17.

State of the art Israeli technological innovations in the fields of water, alternative energy and environmental control will be presented at the expo.

Having coped with decades of water shortages, Israel has accumulated massive experience in developing novel solutions for water management, waste water treatment, desalination, water security, smart grid and drip irrigation. The expo provides an unparallelled opportunity for the Jewish State to show off its expertise and to market its technology while also offering its advice to those who need it as well.

In addition, the expo will include exhibitors in other clean-tech technologies such as solar thermal technology, biomass energy, photovoltaic systems and energy efficiency.