Yossi Zur
Yossi ZurIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Two bereaved fathers, whose children were killed in a 2003 suicide bombing in Haifa, will submit on Sunday a claim of compensation for damages in Haifa’s civil court against the murderers of their children, who were sentenced to life sentences.

Ron Kehrmann lost his daughter Tal and Yossi Zur lost his son Asaf when a suicide bomber boarded the Egged number 37 bus in Haifa on March 5, 2003, and blew himself up. 17 people, most of them high school-aged children and university students, were killed in the terror attack and 53 others were wounded.

The two fathers decided to take action after learning that the three terrorists who planned the bombing are to be released from prison as part of the deal Israel made with Hamas to free Gilad Shalit.

Kehrmann and Zur have already approached the court and have asked that it issue an injunction that would prevent the terrorists from leaving Israel. Such an order which will allow the hearing on their compensation claim to take place in the presence of the defendants and would allow for the implementation a ruling on the matter.

According to the law, if the terrorists are removed from Israel, the Kehrmann and Zur families will not be able to exercise their legitimate right to sue the murderers of their children.

On Saturday night, the Israel Prison Service published on its website the full list of terrorists who will be released as part of the Shalit deal.

The families of people murdered by the terrorists will have 48 hours to file motions against the release. However, the High Court is expected to reject the appeals.