Spain, a consistent backer of the Palestinian Authority, has dealt it a blow by declaring that Israel should remain a “Jewish State,” undermining the Arab world’s attempt to flood Israel with several million foreign Arabs.

Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez’s speech in the United Nations Saturday declared Israel "the embodiment of the project to create a homeland for the Jewish people.”

She backed the Quartet’s pro-PA position that a new Arab state should be created on all of the land restored to Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967 but rejected the demand by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for the mass immigration of Arabs to Israel in a way that would reduce Jews to a minority.

The issue refers to the Arabs claim of the “right of return,” a phrase copied from Israel, which allows for Jews around the world to live in Israel as citizens of the country. The Arab world adapted the term for approximately five million Arabs born to 600,000 Arabs who fled Israel in the wars in 1948 and 1967, most of them at the behest of Arab countries who promised they would return quickly after the expected annihilation of the Jewish state.

Their host Arab countries have refused to grant them full citizenship, leaving them under the care of the United Nations and in villages, or ”camps,” that have left the residents as political tools.

Jimenez, in her speech in the General Assembly, cited “the painful drama of the Palestinian refugees” but added that that they should not change the Jewish majority in Israel.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, a statement that would preclude the mass immigration of Arabs. Israel has argued that the Arad world demand for the “right of return” is a tactic aimed at fulfilling Palestinian Authority’s hopes to take sovereignty over all of Israel, as depicted on its official maps.