Rav Meir Peretz, father in law and grandfather of murder victims Asher and Yehonatan Palmer, stood at the spot where they had been killed and demanded that the government avenge them.

He told HebronVideo: "They see a baby, a baby stroller, they throw a rock and they know that this rock will hit and cause the driver to lose control and both will die. They do this, and they do it one day, two days, three..."

"To my deep sorrow I am standing in a place where my grandson was murdered, one year old, and my son in law, not yet 25 years old. He was supposed to be with us for Shabbat, in Jerusalem. My daughter worked in Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, waited for him to come. And he was not tired, he always drives at 60-70 km/h [around 40 mph - Ed.], extremely carefully, and on the road, accursed Arabs threw rocks at him, he lost control and thus he was murdered in this place, with a rock."

"First, I ask G-d, [and] the Israeli government to avenge the murder of a father and son. Secondly, that the acts of murder by rocks, by those Arabs, may their name be blotted out, there needs to be a protest. I am trying to shout and protest – that no more blood be spilled."