At a time when there are discussions throughout Israel about things needing to be more socialist, the new Israeli Freedom Movement has an entirely different message.

“We established the Israeli Freedom Movement in recent weeks and we already have hundreds of activists who are willing to go out to the streets and say to the people that it’s true that life in Israel has become very difficult and the prices are incredibly high, but the cure for this problem is not to ask the government to step in and take over the Israeli market,” Boaz Arad, spokesman for the Israeli Freedom Movement, told Arutz Sheva.

Arad is suggesting that the problem is rather the opposite of what is being asked by protesters, such as the ones who recently announced a boycott on Tnuva dairy products.

“The problem is that the government is overdoing things,” he said. “It is deeply involved in every aspect of the market. We saw it in the dairy market, which is organized like a government monopoly. We saw it in the construction market where 93% of Israeli land is controlled by the government and its subsidiaries.”

The solution, says Arad, “is to reduce the size of the government, to lower taxes and to establish a free market zone in Israel.”

“People are blaming piggish capitalism for their problems but this is a manipulation of public opinion,” he added. “We don’t have capitalism in Israel. We have a piggish socialism that controls every part of the Israeli market and blocks innovation.”

Arad said, “Our demand is that the government should do less: Reduce the regulations, reduce the barriers, reduce the difficulties that Israelis experience when establishing a business.”

“What we need here is not less freedom and more government. What we need is less government and more freedom,” he said. “We are not a nation of poor people. We are a nation of people who can be rich if they are only allowed to work and prosper. We can voluntarily help the few poor people in society.”