Professor Manuel Tratenberg
Professor Manuel TratenbergArutz Sheva photo: Flash 90

The Trajtenberg Committee, which is responsible for recommending reforms in the Israeli economy in the wake of the housing protests, held a meeting on Wednesday in which it met with protest representatives and heard from them about their difficulties and demands.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, who is heading the committee, tried to bring protesters, committee members, and the government to work together by speaking about the message of social unity which emanates from the social protest.

“The slogan of the protest is ‘the people demand social justice,’ and this slogan is sounded in a special sort of rhythmic chant,” Trajtenberg said. “This actually comes from South America, where a generation 30 years ago, that also believed that there is a possibility for change,  but was brutally repressed, went out to the streets saying ‘a united people will never be defeated’ in the same rhythm.

“I hope that this is our slogan here as well,” he added. “It’s not about us or you. We’re one people, and we’ll be together in the hopes and in the hardships, and in the action, and we will never be defeated.”