Preparations are underway for the adult Bible Quiz which will take place during the month of December.

The Bible Quiz for adults is open to adults aged 25 and up and, unlike the youth Bible Quiz, focuses on a certain theme every year.

“We are focusing on values this year and we’ve also raised the age to age 25 and up, so that older ages can participate,” Shlomo Ventura, coordinator of the Bible Quiz at the Ministry of Education, told Arutz Sheva. “The proof that we’ve succeeded is that we have more people who are older than we did last year.”

“We have to memorize and learn,” one adult participant said. “We learn the whole Tanakh, from the book of Genesis until the book of Chronicles.”

Another participant said that “Tanakh is first of all about love. You need to really love it. You need to read the verses, connect to them, you need to know how to read a verse and sometimes cry, be excited, or be happy.”

And one participant also gave some tips to his friends:

“Don’t sleep a lot, study all the time but at the same time take everything easy,” he said. “Don’t bear a grudge towards whoever wins.”