On the border.
On the border.Flash 90

A terror cell with more than 10 members is in the Sinai desert and will soon attempt to infiltrate into Israel, according to the Minister for Homeland Defense, Matan Vilnai.

"The security establishment in on an alert regarding a terror attempt by a terrorist cell in Sinai numbering over ten people," said Vilnai Tuesday. "The security establishment is working to foil the terror attempt," he added.

Vilnai spoke at the Elbit factory in Sderot, not far from Gaza. 

Large security forces have spread out along Israel's border with Egypt and highways 10 and 12 have been sealed off for civilian traffic.

The roads were sealed off and then reopened 12 days ago when a similar terror alert existed. A short time later, a combined terror attack left eight Israelis dead. The head of IDF Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Tal Rousso, later admitted that the decision to reopen the roads during the day was a mistake because the IDF did not expect that a terror attack would occur in broad daylight right below an Egyptian guardpost that is supposed to cooperate with Israel to prevent terror from the Sinai.