Scene of terror attack, 29.8.11/
Scene of terror attack, 29.8.11/Flash 90

Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovich said Monday that the terrorist who ran over and stabbed eight people in Tel Aviv Sunday night operated on his own initiative – that is, without receiving training or orders from any organized terror groups. 

Aharonovich chose to ignore the fact that as a resident of Shechem, in Samaria, the terrorist is regularly exposed to Palestinian Authority incitement to kill Jews. The PA is headed by Mahmoud Abbas, who also heads the Fatah terror organization.

Aharonovich praised the security forces in Tel Aviv for the way they fanned out to protect citizens and for their quick response to the attack. He said that their preparations and actions prevented a more serious situation in which hundreds of youths who were in a nearby nightclub could have been hurt.

He said that while there are no specific terror warnings for next month, security forces have been instructed to prepare for every scenario.

Magen David Adom Director Eli Bin also praised his own organization for being on the scene in advance and providing emergency service for the club goers.  

Many of the talkbacks on news websites are asking the same questions again and again: Why did police not shoot the terrorist when he shouted the Muslim battle cry "Allahu akbar" and it became clear that he was carrying out a nationalistic-religious attack? Would a shoot-to-kill policy not deter at least some future terrorists?

The answer is also provided by talkback writers: the propensity of Israel's leftist court system for prosecuting Israelis who use their weapons in self defense, a propensity encouraged by leftist press outlets, has convinced police it is better not to fire at terrorists than to fire and risk going to jail.

Two policemen are hospitalized in serious condition. One is in moderate condition and one is lightly wounded.