IDF rescues Arab woman and baby from terror
IDF rescues Arab woman and baby from terrorArutz Sheva photo: IDF

The IDF has rescued an Arab woman and her baby daughter after they received medical care in Israel and then were caught in a Hamas mortar shell attack on the Erez Crossing to northern Gaza.

The commander of the Erez crossing and another security officer brought the woman and baby to a protected shelter at the crossing where they were given a meal for the end of the daily fast during the Muslim month of Ramadan.

Two other Arab women and another baby, who had received Israel's medical care, managed to cross into Gaza before the explosions at the crossing, cutting the electricity and disabling entrance gates.

The squad of terrorists that fired a mortar shell hitting the Erez Crossing was targeted shortly afterwards by an IAF aircraft, in the northern Gaza Strip.

The attack on the Erez Crossing, used for the movement of Arabs who mostly seek medical care and foreign staff members of international organizations in and out of Gaza, was the second one on the transfer point during the week.

The IDF also coordinated 150 truckloads of goods and food at Erez during the past week. Israel has cared for thousands of Gaza Arabs despite the ongoing rocket and mortar shell attacks on southern Israel.

Sunday morning, terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza attacked Israel with a Grad rocket, which was intercepted by the Iron Dome system west of Be’er Sheva.